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Android Application Templates for Entrepreneurs - 99Steem

Android Application Templates for Entrepreneurs

Many of us nowadays are looking for different business opportunities that will help us lead in the network world. As an entrepreneur, many people struggle to expand their business in the social world. But, we have a solution for all of you. We provide you our best app templates that you can use to set your business on and lead the world. We have the best android apps that have amazing features like; admin panel for managing both the applications. In any case, inquisitively, it depends upon android; web admin panel for managing database, coordinating commissions and payouts via Admin, clear code, native code, applications are made on an android studio, full control on the application and the application is exceptionally secure.
Here are some of our best android app templates that you can use to grow your business.

Festindo - Events & Conferences Nearby

Festindo - Events & Conferences happening Nearby is our android app template that can be used by the users to search for events that are happening around them with just one click. This is time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned and traditional ways to find upcoming events around you because Festindo can let you find any event happening near you automatically.
This app can be beneficial for event organizers who want to advertise their events. This android app is a fantastic chance that they can avail to promote their event and let the people know about the event they are organizing.
As for people who like to socialize, this is a fantastic event app template for them too. They can download this Android app template on their mobile phones and search for events happening around them to socialize with different people and get to know them.
This event and Android app come with a chat feature too where the users can chat with the people they met at a particular event and then plan to meet up again at another event. For the people who like to attend conferences, this application is an excellent opportunity for them too. They don't have to ask for different meetings; they can easily log in to the application and easily search for their particular event.
Festindo is an event app template that is user-oriented and friendly, which your customers will love. The application will provide you with all the essential features required to run an event app, be it a musical concert or a conference, or a bonfire. All you have to do is post the event on the application, and people will find their way to your event,
The script's backend is based on AWS, which means it is secure, flexible, and scalable. It will also allow users to interact with each other. People will be able to comment and ask about the opinions of others about a particular event.
Users can see a calendar to find out the list of upcoming events. They can ask questions about the events happening in any part of the state, and their questions can be answered via the app with ease. And will get the answer they are seeking. This application also contains an admin panel that will allow the buyer to manage users, events nearby, app content, and much more.

Trench Times News App Solution

Online newspapers or magazines are fresh entertainment content for people who often love to read. In today's world, where people regularly use their mobile phones and need all information right on their handsets, it is necessary to have a native mobile app for every magazine or newspaper business. Besides native patterns of paper magazines or online presence, the news portal moved to a mobile version known as best news apps.
To offer a seamless reading experience to their readers, every newspaper company in the world has built a native (or hybrid) mobile application. We have also made a news app template for android for anyone looking for an Android app to post their news on.
When the user hits our mobile app, they will have better walkthrough screens to have a great onboarding process. With walkthrough screens, present unique features and benefits of your business for users. Walkthrough screens will help users stress out whenever they use a new app; instead, they can rest assured knowing what every feature in-app does and how to benefit from it.
The app contains tag features that will help users look for particular news they are looking for. The user can choose what information he wants to follow; he clicks on the desired tag, and he can't miss any of your news.
The swipe categories feature quick and easy. Readers can enjoy favorite news by swiping through categories or articles you have for them; they can easily read the news. Every feature on the website can be in your mobile app – in perfect order and how your readers like it.
It also is essential to offer the alternative of savvy news separating. This enables your users to isolate the various news areas, including political, business, worldwide, and sports, and so on. The news can likewise be picked as per Most Popular, Breaking News, and so forth.
Inside a range of a couple of minutes, crisp news continues arriving. Thus, the administrator can continue refreshing the news with the goal that clients know about current happenings.
Some news stories are restrictive. Thus you can use the most loved alternative to enable users to spare those snippets of data. This element would develop the base.
You can easily alter this news and Android app to your ease and add or decrease the features you want to engage your customers to use your application quickly. This Android app has been built with the native java language. Most amazingly, it is packed with powerful features that can maximize your experience. It comes with a highly interactive user-interface that can boost user experience in the best possible way. This useful application can give your ideas and business relief. This is a 100% reliable application that you can consider to have. Just get this outstanding solution and start being productive immediately.

Just Grab it - Classified Ads app templates

Just grab it is an Android app solution for classified ads. This application is pretty different than other related classified products available in the market. Just hold it app template is an all in one solution which is meant to complete your business.
This Android app lets the users post ads about their products and let them know what kind of product they are selling. The app is approved by Google Playstore, too, so you will not have any problem with that too.
The main features of this application are that it is supported by the AWS database, which guarantees the security of application information. This Android app accompanies significant level encryption, which is hard to sneak into. The backend of this android application is based on the AWS database; too, as it is a versatile app, it can be used for many purposes.
This best Android app template can be a useful option because it is easier to use the admin panel. It comes up with a clear code that is correctly easier for the buyers to understand and customize as per their needs. This script is pretty decent and comes with exceptional customer support services. Even more, this booking app comes up with an amazing range of features that can make it perfect to opt for anyone. This easier script is most amazingly easy for the business organizations to customize according to their business requirements in the best possible way.
The code of this application is very simple and can be easily manipulated to adjust to the required needs of the owner of the application. This Android app design has been done so precisely that you will not want to change anything in it. From the home page, settings, and other pages on the application to the splash screen of this application, you will find everything pretty unique, attractive, and attention-grabbing, as our professional team of designers has worked hard to make its design perfectly catchy...

Pharmacy & Doctor Appointment App

Online Pharmacy App & Doctor Appointment App - Doctor & Patient Both Apps is an app which gives patient and doctor a platform to get connected on the web and mobile platform. Doctors can register into the app, add their specialty, address, contact information, fees, experience, qualification, and the timing of their availability. Doctors get registered depending on the category and sub-category, which Admin manages from a powerful backend. The patient can register into the app and can locate the doctors depending on the categories, can see the contact information of a doctor, and have the option to add a doctor as a favorite.
Patients can find specific doctors and hospitals near them. They can also find nearby doctors, hospitals, and drug shops. The patient can buy specific medicines or drugs from hospital apps for patients. 
She/he can able to book the appointment at hospital apps for patients with the doctor for a specific time and date. Users can check the reviews of doctors and hospitals for particular diseases. He/she can book and cancel the appointment with the doctor.
Nowadays, it is challenging to keep all the documents secure at home, so this application also allows the users to keep their medical history safe to look at them and suggest the required medication quickly.
Our Hospital management system mobile app comes with two different aspects: the doctor's side and the patient application. The doctor's application can contain all the information a hospital wants to put in about their doctors: their appointment schedules, their leaves, their operations, their qualifications, and many other things. The hospitals can use this android app in many ways to keep in check every detail.
Whereas if we talk about the patient's android app, the patients can register themselves on the application and put up their medical history so that the doctors that they are consulting can go through their information and can know about their history. Through this application, the patients can contact their particular doctor and get medical advice from them, and then they can also pay the doctors through different payment methods. The patients can also see the doctors' qualifications so that it is easier for them to decide as to which doctor they want to consult.
Both the apps come with the admin panel, which can update both the patient and the doctors who have signed up on the application.
This android app template is the best solution for doctors and patients hospitals and patients and can be very helpful.