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Download Unlimited Google Slide Presentations & PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Download Unlimited Google Slide Presentations
Google Slide Presentations & PowerPoint Presentation

Google Slides is a great platform to make powerful presentations; it's a great tool to work and collaborate with your team and start new ideas with Google Slides. For performance to have an impact on the viewers, it has to be presented with amazing graphics and animations. Building a premium looking Google slide presentation can take a very long time. Using Google slide template is always the best option when it comes to making an outstanding Google slide presentation.

Today in this article, we have brought you some of the best premium-quality Google Slide Presentations that you can use to start your own winning Google slide presentation.
The list of Google slide templates 99 steam off is extensive, and you can find almost any sort of Google slide presentation on our website. So to get you started following are some of the great premium Google slide templates that you can use to win any everybody's heart.
Do let us know in the comment section below if you impressed your colleague for friends using this template and if you want any projects or any awards using these Google slide templates we will be excited and would love to celebrate in your happiness so do share your feedback with love and don't forget to share it with your friends.
So without any delays let's get into the most downloaded premium quality Google slide templates now.

10- Business Pro a Google Slides Professional Presentation

Business Pro a Google Slides template
Business Pro a Google Slides Professional Presentation

Do you run a business a small or medium scale business, are you always making business-related proposals and presentations? Did you find the presentations to be insignificant based on your requirements then this template will definitely help you in a million ways.
Business Pro Google Slides template is a complete presentation template that offers unique features to its users. It's a tool that can also empower that of business ideas and business proposals and can attract the audience attention.With amazing free to use images and graphic bundles that this presentation comes along with, its this state-of-the-art PowerPoint and Google Slides combined presentation, which is none other than other presentations available in the market.
With the ability to add detailed statistics along with graphs and charts makes it even more powerful and unique. This one template can always be used for any sort of business proposals that you want to deliver to your clients, especially those who are very new to your company this can bring everlasting impression on those clients.
Use it in a web browser as a Google Slides template and share with your colleagues and friends or downloaded in your computer and run it as a native PowerPoint presentation it serves both the ways.
Before you download this presentation, the link below to preview the presentation in action, the live preview will give you more insight into how useful this presentation could be for your business or your business idea.

9- Simple flower theme presentation template for both PowerPoint and google slide

Simple flower theme presentation template for both PowerPoint and google slide
Simple flower presentation template for PowerPoint and google slide

It's a fantastic theme for a presentation template that could be of different uses. Mainly the theme is built for casual presentations it can be used for planning for a trip to the Northern areas it can be used for a trip overseas. No matter what kind of use that you have for this template, it will always fit all of your demands and needs and will help you improve your colleagues and friends with great templates features that it offers.

The floury and straightforward theme that this presentation template has to give it a unique look that can be of great advantage if you are using this for a similar nature. The model can be used for Google Slides, and it can also run as a PowerPoint presentation on your computer. You can collaborate with your friends and colleagues on Google Slides so anybody with the Gmail account can edit the Google Slides or, you can give a copy to everybody on the email and let them view the presentation in PowerPoint. In both cases, it will serve the purpose, and you will always find this helping for all of your submissions.

Visit this Google slide template on 99steem  you can also find a live demo for you to view the presentation on 99steem.

8- Best online presentation template for both power point and google slide

Best online presentation template for both power point and google slide
Online presentation template for google slide
If you are a freelancer or someone who works online, you may have encountered some need For a Google slide template. If you want to make a business proposal or if you're going to present a new idea to an investor, or even if you're going to help your customers understand the products, this online presentation could be a great tool to get started. It has all the features that are necessary for you to bring your online presentation to life.Use tens of icons provided with the template to make an impression on your viewers; you can also add images and change colors of the presentation according to your project requirement.
For more information about this presentation template, you can visit 99steem you can also find the live demo there, that will help you understand more features of this template and help you make your mind before using it.

7- Finance Presentation template for both PowerPoint and Google slides

Finance Presentation template for both PowerPoint and Google sildes 99steem
Finance Presentation template for PowerPoint and Google slides
Financial services and financial institutes always need to present presentations. In fact, every single day, a financial expert has to bring some sort of financial presentation to the table to submit to the client or the customers. Sometimes it can be for the weekly meeting that most companies has, or it could be of a contract that is going on and needs statistics representation. No matter what kind of the financial institution you're in, you will always be looking for a business presentation template that you can use in either PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

With this finance presentation template, you can quickly get any sort of presentation you need done; it is tailored for almost all type of financial needs. You can add as many graphs as much as you want, and you can turn this template into anything that you want it to be.

It comes with the bundle of icons that can be of great importance if you are into more Complex financial presentations. Visit 99steem now and get your financial presentation now, this presentation also has a live demo that you can visit in order to see if it meets your financial requirements.

6- Blue themed presentation template for both power point and google slide

Blue themed presentation template
Blue themed presentation template for both power point and google slide

Are you looking for colour themes, especially the Blue theme presentations, you are just got to the right place. It's a fantastic multi blue coloured presentation that can be used for any sort of blue combination brand business. It comes to presentations branding is probably the most important part; people like to see the brand colours in the presentation. Otherwise, the representation will most likely look foreign. This Blue theme presentation comes with a lot of assets, those can help you speed up the process you don't have to look for blue icons anywhere all the assets are inside this presentation template. The best part about this presentation is that this presentation can also work on Google Slides and will definitely work fine with PowerPoint as well so no matter where you are using it it will always come out fine.

We've got a live demo of this blue team presentation on 99steem you can check it out by visiting the link.

5- Purple Coloured theme Presentation for both PowerPoint and Google sildes

Purple Colored theme Presentation for both PowerPoint and Google slides
Purple Colored theme Presentation for both PowerPoint and Google slides
Do you want to find a purple coloured theme presentation for a presentation that you have to deliver to your audience?  Sometimes the colour of an object, especially when it's a presentation is the most critical part for a brand or a business. Hence, if you have a trend identity that has a purple colour, this theme presentation would be an excellent match for you.

You can use this purple coloured presentation in a web browser as a Google Slides template which makes it very easy to share with friends and colleagues and ask them about their opinion of what they think of your presentation.  Or if you are used to PowerPoint presentations, this presentation has still got you covered. You can open up this presentation template in your computer and run it with the PowerPoint program, and it will work just fine.
For a live preview of this template click the link below and visit the actual presentation before you download so you know how you can modify and edit the presentation according to your requirements.

4- BlackBoard Presentation Template for Google slides or PowerPoint

BlackBoard themed Presentation Template
BlackBoard themed Presentation Template
Do you have an idea of presenting your classroom with the blackboard theme presentation, if yes? You have got to the right place. This blackboard presentation is made just for users like you; it's a fascinating presentation template that allows you to create almost any sort of presentation ideas for schools colleges or any other educational purposes.
This presentation can be used in any education sector and can be a success for students teachers and other professionals.
It comes with a pack of significant assets that can make the job very easy by giving you a lot of ready-made icons to use. These personalized icons are a great way of running your presentation according to your presentation theme.
Use this presentation as a Google Slides presentation and used on any Browser as you like with your Gmail account logged in, once you are done with the presentation editing you can share with your friend's, college, students,& teachers via Email.
The other way would be to download it directly to your PC and edited it in the PowerPoint which is also great for editing the blackboard presentation template. No matter which way you choose to edit this presentation, it will come out just fabulous.
Don't forget to view the live presentation demo to see what are the possibilities and whether you should download the presentation or not.
Click the link below to view the demo.

3- Galaxy themed Presentation Template

Galaxy Presentation Template
Galaxy themed Presentation Template
Are you into the space business,  or you are just a student and studying space in general? In any case, if you work related to Galaxy and space, this Galaxy theme template presentation is the best thing that you can get on the internet.
 It has a lot of illustrations that make this presentation extremely valuable for people working in this industry.
With the icons available in the presentation theme, you can almost represent any number of objects in the Galaxy. 
Most of the presentations are of most concern because the presentation should not be boring, and with the Galaxy presentation template, the features and the excitement of illustrations never get you bored. It really excites you to stick to the topic and go till the end of the presentation.
All the assets used in the presentation are editable and are free to use by anybody without having to get any special licence.
Another useful example of this presentation is for teachers, if you are a teacher and teach your students about space, this presentation can really get their attention and can deliver topics with all the students still liking it.
Download this presentation on your computer or open in a browser it works both ways, don't forget to view the live demo of this presentation so you know how you can edit it according to your needs.

2- Fruits themed Funky presentation Template

Fruits themed Funky presentation Template
Are you a nutritionist or you are a health coach, or a professor teaching about plants & fruits in general, this presentation can really Spice up your lectures. With green colours and beautiful fruits and vegetable pictures inside the presentation template, this funky presentation can super excite your audience.
If you are a nutritionist, you can tell stories about how herb and vegetables have helped people live a natural and healthy life; you can present nutrition charts in your presentation. During your interaction with your customers, you can guide them in an exciting way that they will never forget.
If you are a health coach in common and your coaching a group of health professionals, this presentation can grab your audience's attention and help you deliver your message efficiently.
Moreover, the charts used in the funky presentation template can help introduce different statistics and results that can attract the viewer's eye and help make your presentation more authentic.
It can be used for many other purposes like yoga, sports events, carnivals, and other games where you have to show excitement and greenery. This presentation could be your companion in many fields of life.
Get the live demo of this presentation now and make sure to check what other features you can get from this template.

1- Personal Presentation for your project Google Slide Template

 Personal Presentation for your project Google Slide Template
Last but not least we have a personal presentation for your project, So if you are a personal trainer or maybe a public figure and you have to present yourself,  this is something that you will prefer.
Personal presentation is very popular these days the visiting teachers, the new teachers who are joining a class, always like to present themselves to the students before they start teaching them. So to make a good impression, this personal presentation can help you present your knowledge and your teaching experience in a reasonable manner.
As being a public figure many times, you have to attend an event, and before you can start speaking to your audience about the product or the event that you are about to start, you have to present yourself and presenting yourself with a personalized presentation can really leave a lasting impression on the listeners.

This personal presentation can also be used by freelancers and professionals who are looking to apply for a job it would really impact in a very nice way if you attach a personal presentation explaining all about you and your skills and talents in this presentation along with the CV this presentation will help your employer decide on your skills, and it will result in you being hired faster than most of the people.

Editing this personal presentation template is very easy. This template is available for Google Slides so you can easily open this up in your browser and start using it right away when you are done you can save it in your Google drive, or you can send it to your colleagues or send it as a proposal to your employer.  
You can also download the presentation and open it up in the PowerPoint that will also help you in editing.
Get the live demo of this presentation, click the link below and view the live demo of this presentation before you go and download it.

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