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Launch your own Uber like Business with Uber Clone template

How to make a Uber Clone app template from scratch
Today in this article, we will guide you through how to make your own Uber clone application without having to code anything at all? But before we get into it, we have to understand what programming is and how Uber applications work and how big the infrastructure and features are involved in Uber.

Making a mobile app can be exciting and challenging at the right same time. To program applications like Uber, you have to have years of programming experience, and learning a new programming language can take about six months. Then, advancing your skills to the level where you can make an app like Uber can take you pretty while.

But what about the other app development alternatives? Does the Internet provide any other options that can be used to build Uber like app without having to code at all? 

"Till today, there is no such platform that can provide as an advanced mobile application as Uber where there is no coding required."

But still, there are ways to make an application just like uber without having to code a single line. You will get to know about this method in just a minute, and we will guide you through the whole process in which you can start your own Uber clone application within minutes.

Before we start making the Uber clone application to run your taxi business just like Uber, you need to understand how big the Uber concept is and how many mechanisms are involved in an app like uber. 

Basics of Uber Applications

Uber has two applications for the taxi model that they have;

Uber User Application 

Just like the Uber user application Uber driver application also has many advanced features. It all starts with the driver signing up and driver verification. It comes to the driver log in and other features. Those are involved in the Uber driver application, things like driver wallet, driver profile, driver reviews, real-time location, in-app messaging, in-app calling, live tracking over the map, user location, automatic payments dispersal, Commission deduction, Fare calculation, Waiting time charges, and many other detailed and essential features are apart of Uber driver application.

Uber Driver Application 

Just like the Uber user application Uber driver application also has many advanced features. It all starts with the driver signing up and driver verification. It comes to the driver log in and other features those are involved in the Uber driver application, things like driver wallet, driver profile, driver reviews, real-time location, in-app messaging, in-app calling, live tracking over the map, user location, automatic payments dispersal, Commission deduction, Fare calculation, Waiting time charges, and many other detailed and essential features are apart of Uber driver application.

Let's Start your own No Code Uber App!

It was now keeping in mind all these features that are a part of Uber apps, and we can't find any reliable platform on the Internet that provides a web-based solution to create such a massive project like uber.
But with the help of the Uber clone app script "CABON," you will be able to launch your dream project without having to code a single line of the program. Cabon is a mobile app template that provides all the great features of the Uber app.

Introduction to CABON

Cabon is a Uber clone app template and script which is consisted of three main applications.

It is one of the only complete Uber clone scripts available right now on the Internet that provides all the features that are a part of Uber's original application. It is also a unique and diverse UI that can be converted into any Uber like app idea.
With the help of Cabon applications, you can start your taxi business just like Uber immediately without worrying about development & errors. You have to pay a certain fee, and you are good to go to launcher your Uber clone applications.
The best part is that you don't have to pay different fees for all three applications. You pay one fee & get unlimited access to all three Cabon applications right away. 

Cabon User Application Features

Cabon user application has a massive list of features that may, in some cases, exceed the original Uber application. The following are some of the cabon's great features that come with the Cabon Uber clone script.

  •  User registration
  •  Phone number verification
  •  Current location based on the GPS
  •  Address suggestions
  •  Ride booking
  •  In every real-time messaging
  •  Real-time driver tracking
  •  Real-time location update
  •  Cash and card payments
  •  Personal profile
  •  Personal profile with reviews in history
  •  Multi-country support
  •  Multiple currencies support
  •  Multiple ride types
  •  Push notifications
  •  Email notification
  •  Ride history
Above are some of the features that are a part of the cabon user application, not to mention there are many more features that you can explore by downloading the demo version of cabon application from 99steem.

Cabon Driver application Features

Like the Uber driver application cab on driver application, it also has similar advanced features that make the driver-partner experience just like uber. Here are some of the great features provided by the cabon driver application.

  • Driver registration through application
  • Driver verification
  • Driver vehicle verification
  • Multi multiple support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple country support
  • Push notifications
  • Driver job alerts
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time navigation
  • Live location
  • Driver wallet
  • Total sales
  • Total Commission
  • Total balance
  • Total payout
  • Transactional history
  • Rides history
  • Personal profile
  • Profile reviews and ratings
Above are some of the great features cabon driver applications provide, just like the Uber clone applications. For more features and trials, you can download the cabon driver application from 99steem and get hands-on experience with the applications.

Cabon Admin application Features

Cabon admin application is a surprise application that offers a significant number of features. There might be other Uber clone application providers in the market, but none offers this kind of feature.

Cabon admin application gives the taxi business owner the flexibility to use and manage the business from the mobile application, starting from providing support for users and drivers to editing or deleting the users and changing the ride fares. Many great features are given in the cabon admin application; here is a small list of those features a part of cabon admin application.

  •  Ability to add new users
  •  Ability to add new drivers
  •  Manage rides on the user side
  •  Manage rides for driver-side
  •  Solve the disputes
  •  Manage vehicles
  •  Approve drivers
  •  Approve new vehicles
  •  Provide chat support
  •  Give refunds
  •  Manage payouts
  •  See growth statistics

Above are some of the many great features provided by the Cabon admin app script. There are video tutorials and live demos available on 99steem you can download the app and see the app in action.

What is an Uber clone?

Uber clone app is an Uber like app that has all the features that uber provides. Uber clone app can be used to build a similar ride-sharing app, with fewer efforts. The Uber clone application consists of two different mobile applications, number one is the Uber clone User app, and the second one is the Uber clone driver app. IT companies, especially the mobile app development companies, make solutions similar to uber so that the other companies can get started with their ride-sharing and cab business faster & with less effort and money.

How to make an Uber clone application easily?

Making an Uber clone can be easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps below, and at the end of the steps, you will have your own Uber app clone publication.

  • Download the Cabon Uber clone template from 99steem.
  • Download Android studio on your computer, either Mac or Windows.
  • Download the source code from the 99steem website.
  • Open the project in the Android studio and start changing the colors.
  • Make sure to change the app icon for both the user side and the driver side.
  • For setting things correctly, make sure to read the documentation that comes along with the template.
  • You will need a stripe account for payment confirmation and payment handling.
  • You also need to create an account on firebase and back4app.
  • You will need to get the Google map API from your Google console.
  • At last, you'd have to make a build and to publish your application on the Android play store.

What's the best language to make an Uber clone app?

Making an Uber like app will always start from deciding which programming language the app will be written in if we talk about Uber. They have used Python as their backend programming language and node JS in Java. However, you can code your Uber clone app template In any communication that you are good at.

For instance, Cabon Uber like clone app template we have discussed above is built with node.js and MongoDB as the backend. And the Android app itself is built on Java

What kind of servers does Uber Use?

Uber does use Amazon aw services for part of the app functions. Unlike the other ride-sharing applications like left and grab, the Uber app isn't dependent entirely on a third-party service provider.

Uber has it on data center worldwide to manage the data security; these facilities contain high powered servers capable enough to run the network of Uber drivers and Uber passengers.

What Database does Uber use?

Uber uses the SQL database. However, it has many different layers of security & databases work alongside the mainframe to make it highly secure to sneak in.

With the best database structuring practices, you can save your data from hacks and run your project securely. The Cabon Uber clone template is built on MongoDB, hosted with the parsing platform that makes the app very secure & reliable.


It still might be tough to make an application without having to code. However, with the Cabon app template, things will become way more comfortable. You won't have to worry about the development or any other headaches from starting a new project. Cabon is trusted by many big companies to launch their Uber type business model and will surely be your trusted choice for uber clone too.

We hope this article helped you to start your own Uber clone app. If it helped, please share it with your friends and colleagues, and followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more of such articles.

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