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Top Android Application template to buy in 2020 - 99steem

Top Android Application template to buy in 2020 - 99steem

The world is changing every day and new and new technologies are being discovered. With the progressing world, the world of the internet is at its fastest pace. Every day new languages are being introduced which may be better than the already present one and with this, the Android world is also getting better and better day by day.

Millions of new applications are being introduced every single day and people are learning different languages to keep their pace with the developing world. The android world is gaining even more popularity than the iOS world as most of the people are shifting from iOS to Android technology and the android technology keeps beating the iOS technology by making amazing progress.
With that, we can tell you some advantages of the Android world too. The Android code is easy to handle and can be learned by anyone with a programming interest. The code is really easy to manipulate and can be changed as the programmer wants. Android applications are actually cheaper than other kinds of applications. The android studio is getting better day by day and people can actually make some of the amazing applications we can look for.
So as now we have discussed the advantages of android applications, let’s dive into to next part where I’ll tell you all about our amazing android applications that you need to buy. These applications are an excellent choice if you want to start a particular business and you don’t know how to make an application. You can easily buy our application template and then launch your own amazing application with a great idea.
So here is the list of applications we have to offer for you:

Handy Marketplace - Service Marketplace idea

So the first android application that we have to offer to you is Handy marketplace-Service Marketplace idea. This application is one of the best applications for our company and it has a lot to offer. The idea on which this android application is based on is the online service provider.
This application basically serves a platform for the online service providers that have workshops situated here and there. Using this application the service providers can easily sign up on the application and explain the kind of services that they provide and how much fee they charge for it.
There are a lot of people these days who actually prefer to get their work done from home rather than going out and looking for the solution to their problem. This application is for them. People can sign up on your android application and look for the service they require and they will be served by a list of people who can fulfill their need and from that, they can easily choose the person they want to hire and get started with.
The handy marketplace is a unique solution designed to meet our client's expectations. We have made the app a combination of two sides. No 1 is the user side where users can come and look for the services they're looking for. The other side is the service provider side that allows the service providers to find job opportunities in town.
The application template comes with a feedback option too, where the people who have worked with a particular service provider can give their feedback and rate their work too so that the other people would get the idea on what level of work they provide.
With all these features the android application comes with easy code that can easily be manipulated by you and can be molded into whatever feature or look or feel you’ll like. The backend is AWS secured so there will obviously be no security threat. The application also comes with a web admin panel. When you buy our application we give you full control over the application and you will be able to make any sort of changes in it that you require.
So buy our online service provider android application template if you are tired of waiting for the service providers and want to gather all of them at one place for the ease of people we will be happy to provide you with our services.

Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service App template

Another android application that we have to offer is Cabon-Uber clone Taxi service. As we know that nowadays a typical taxi service becomes less and less day by day and people actually do have security issues trusting the local drivers as there is no guarantee that they are safe to ride with or not. So, people are shifting more towards the online taxi services to provide them with the taxi services as it is more secure and people actually trust those services.
 Just like Uber and Lyft our android application, Uber clone is an excellent choice for you if you want to run a taxi services business.
Our application template comes with thousands of features that so good that you would want to actually buy our application. Our application comes with three different sides. One is the drivers’ side than the riders’ side and the admin application.
Let’s discuss the features of the riders’ side first. The application has excellent navigation as it is required for location their current location so that the driver can find them and using the application. The rider will also be able to cancel the ride if they want. Or, if the rider wants to check if the driver is reliable or not they can check the views of other passengers who used their ride as to be sure. After picking the rider from their destination the rider can actually share their ride with their friend so that they can monitor their ride and stay safe.
The rider can monitor the driver on the map to see if they are going in the right direction or not. The rider also has the calling feature through which they can call the driver easily or the chat feature is also there to chat with drivers so check out if they have reached or how far they are. The rider can sign up with an email id easily. There is also a guide feature for the new users where they can as to how they can use the application. The backend of the application is secured with AWS and the information of the user is also secured with the application.
The riders are also given the option to file a complaint against a particular driver if they had any issues with them. The application also allows them to see their wallet that contains their money through which they can pay the drivers.
Now let’s talk about the drivers’ part of the application. The drivers’ part comes with all the features uber clone applications have like the navigation through which they can easily look for their rider. The drivers have the option to cancel the ride or accept the ride too. They can easily get paid through the wallet by the riders. Drivers also have the option to report a particular rider or give them reviews based on their ride which other drivers would also be able to see. The drivers can easily sign up on the application and become a driver.
The last part of our uber clone application template is the admin part. The admin part can be used by you to update all the information of the riders and the drivers which is very important for the security point of view.
There are different payment options on the application as well so that no one is obliged to only pay through cash.
With all these amazing features our android application template comes with an easy price and you can easily buy our application template if you want to start a taxi service business just like Uber or Lyft.

Class Room Solutions for Universities & School

As online classes are being arranged now a day because of the situation going on in the world and more and more teachers are feeling that they cannot contact their students easily. We are here to provide them with an excellent platform. Our android application template ClassRoom Solution for Universities and Schools will help them in every way possible. 
If you’re like most teachers, you’ve probably needed an application through which you can communicate with your students easily. The main benefit of our application is that it improves communication with students and parents. They foster engagement. They keep teachers and students connected.
If you are running a college or university and are looking for an application through which you can make the communication of both the students and the teachers easy and then keep an eye on both of them then we have the perfect solution for you. Our android application template Classroom application will provide you with all the features that you require.
Our application comes with features like scheduling a class, reminder of class, communication with the students through messages if anything they want to ask, scheduling assignments and quizzes, and many more. Our android application template is perfect for colleges and universities so that they can provide a platform for the teachers and the students to interact through the internet and the students do not have to sit idle at home and do nothing.
Education is the basic necessity nowadays and we are here to provide you with a platform through which you can easily deliver the need to the students and the teachers and the communication is made easier for both.
Our application template can easily be manipulated if you want to change any aspect of it as the code of the application is really simple. The backend is also supported by AWS which is also very secure and the application also comes with an admin panel through which you can easily keep updating the information from both the students and the teachers.

Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android

The last android application template that we are going to talk about in this blog is our blockchain application template Trench block. This is an amazing android application for people who are interested in the blockchain business. If you are a company or a startup who is trying to work with blockchain this application is a great opportunity for you.
Our blockchain android application template comes with a lot of amazing features like, you can post daily news on the blockchain as to what is going on around the world, what are the live updates of the news on the blockchain.
Other features include the rate of bitcoins. You can easily update the information on the rates of bitcoin so that the viewers can know the live rate and if they want to invest in the business or not. Our android application serves a great purpose in the bitcoin world. You can easily contact us to get more information on the application.

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