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20 best blogger templates to start your own blog 2021 - 99steem

20 best blogger templates to start your own blog 2020

Nowadays, there are millions of bloggers around the world who want to start their website. And, not just the bloggers, millions of people want to start writing content online for their personal use or to show to people.

We on 99steem have many best blogger templates available for such bloggers. The blogger templates are of different categories. We have responsive bloggers templates, blogger templates for travelers, eCommerce blogger templates, technology blogger templates, magazine blogger templates, minimalist blogger templates, photography blogger templates, and many more.

This article has categorized our best responsive blogger templates based on their categories like fashion, responsiveness, photography, News blogger template, eCommerce blogger template, and multipurpose blogger templates. Check out our article to know which of these blogger templates you would love to buy and start your blog.

The first category we are going to discuss is the Fashion blogger template.

Magazine 7 blogger template 99steem:

This fabulous Magazine 7 blogger template is a high fashion blogger template for people in the fashion business. Our fashion bloggers can use this template who want to inspire people with their sense of style.

Some of our fashion bloggers out there are insanely talented, and people follow them with their every move. Those amazing fashion bloggers can use our magazine blogger template to post their outfits and how they would like to style them, fashion tips, and many more.

This fashion blogger template is the best blogger template that can be used by our fashion bloggers to even sell their outfits online, just like an eCommerce shop. They can link their shop with the website and can earn significant revenue too.

This fashion blogger template is a great way to let the world know how talented you are. You can share your pictures with the world to let them know what a fantastic fashion sense you have; you can also share the latest fashion trends with them so that the people who follow your moves know what new trends are going on in the world.

Inspire your followers today by starting your own business by promoting brands or creating your brand using this fantastic fashion blog Magazine 7 blogger template.

Visit us on 99steem today and buy this fantastic Magazine 7 blogger template to show the world that you're a tremendous stylist, a great entrepreneur, a high fashion blog, and a lot more things. Don't miss this opportunity and show the world who you are!

Magazine 7 blogger template 99steem
Magazine blogger template

The next category that we are going to discuss are responsive blogger templates.

In this category, we have the most amazing responsive bloggers template for you. These responsive blogger templates are a great way to launch your responsive blogger website. The first template in the category is:

Purosa blogger template 99steem:

Purosa is a super responsive blogger template for you on 99steem that can be used for multiple purposes. This blogger template has an eye-catching layout that will impress your viewers or the people searching on the internet for some of the best responsive websites.

Our Purosa responsive blogger template can use in many different ways. The model can be used as an e-commerce blog that you can use to launch your online store and earn revenue.

This blogger template can also be used as a fashion blogger template by our fashion bloggers to launch their fashion blog and share many fashion ideas with their viewers.

Another way you can use this unique template is as a personal blog. This blogger template will let you publish your blog on whatever topic you like with great illustration or anything else you want.

Visit us on 99steem and buy this fantastic responsive blogger template and enjoy publishing your blog.

Purosa blogger template
Great responsive blogger template

 Eight Sec blogger template 99steem:

Next up on our responsive blogger templates list is this excellent Eight-sec blogger template. This is a great responsive blogger template for our users looking for the best blogger template with a great layout and excellent graphics.

This blogger template is initially designed to be a portfolio for a start-up business. It contains a team part where you can upload your outstanding, hardworking team members to let the world know about the great minds behind this excellent start-up idea.  

Then comes the portfolio section, where you can post the work you have done so that the people can get impressed by these incredible works and hire you for your work, or they get impressed enough to invest in your business willingly.

Besides a vast portfolio, this blogger template can be used for multiple purposes and also called multipurpose blogger templates, in whatever way you like.

Visit 99steem now to buy this template for your team and impress the people or investors around you.

Eight Sec blogger template
Responsive blogger template

The next category that we are going to discuss is photography blogger templates.

Clean Gallery blogger template:

This amazing clean gallery blogger template is a great photography blogger template that can be easily used by our amazing photographers to publish their work and share their experiences with the world.

As we know, photographs tell incredible stories. There is always a great story behind every picture, whether it's how the photographer waited for many days to get a specific shot or their thought process behind a particular photo.

The photographers worldwide go through so much before taking a great photograph, and then after all this struggle, the picture they get is always worth it. 

So for all the great photographers out there, we have got your back, and we understand their efforts. That is why 99steem has brought to you this fantastic photography blogger template that you can use to tell the world your story by writing about the photo that you took. 

Or this template can also be used by our amazing photographers to sell their marvelous photos to the people and earn revenue from it.

Buy this excellent photography blogger template from 99steem today and let the world know how skilled you are and that you're insanely talented.

Clean Gallery blogger template
gallery blogger template

Photograph blogger template 99steem:

Here we have another fantastic photography template for our talented photographers out there. As we have already talked about how every photo has a story behind it and that we have insanely gifted photographers worldwide that need to be famous, and the world should know about them.

This photography blogger template is initially designed for our talented portfolio photographers who photograph the portfolios of the world's models.

Our fashion photography bloggers can also use this blog, who can post the fantastic photographs taken by them. This photography blogger template is very responsive too.

Visit us on 99steem and buy this fantastic photography blogger template.

Photograph blogger template
photography blogger template

The next category that we are going to discuss is the Multipurpose blogger template.

Shopstar blogger template 99steem:

Shopstar blogger template is a great responsive blogger template that can be used for multiple purposes.  

Initially, this best blogger eCommerce template can use to make an eCommerce blogger template. This eCommerce blogger template can help you launch your store and sell some of your customers' fantastic products.

Besides an excellent e-commerce blog store, this blog can be used as a fashion blog, online store, and for many other purposes. This blog is easily customizable.

This best blogger template can help you launch a great blog. Get this terrific blog from 99steem now.

Shopstar blogger template
e-commerce blogger template

Royale News blogger template 99steem:

Next up in this category is the Royale News blogger template, that as the names suggest, can be used to post news and share it with the world.

This blogger template is a great way to share what is going on worldwide with your viewers. It has some great features like categorizing your news or posting pictures or videos.

But as we are in the multipurpose category, this is not just a news blog; this news Blogspot template can easily use for multiple purposes like; news blog, magazine blog, or just a simple personal blog.

Buy this awesome multicolored blog template and launch a great blog of your own.

Royale News blogger template
news blogger template

Study Circle blogger template 99steem:

As the name suggests, this Study Circle blogger template is a blogspot template that can make a high school, college, tuition classes, personal blogs, and small business websites.

You can use this blogger template to upload content about your institution. This blogger template has a great outlook that can help you promote your institution or help your students get information about the courses or the subjects or anything else they would like.

It has some critical featured such as unlimited homepage sliders, featured sliders, custom logo, boxed layout, portfolio layout, pricing table, and many more. The theme works nicely on all devices and screen sizes. 

This SEO friendly and translation ready blogger template can also use for business, corporate, yoga, gym, and many more websites. Use this blogger template to launch a great blog of your own.

Visit us on 99steem and buy this excellent Study Circle blogger template from us.

Study Circle blogger template
Study blogger template

 Foodica blogger template 99steem:

The foodica blogger template is one of the best food blogger templates. This food blogger template can be used for multiple purposes. 

This theme comes with a featured slider for posts. The design of this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution on desktop and mobile devices. Foodica's custom blocks allow you to create beautiful recipes using the food blogger template. This food blogger template is optimized for speed and tested on all modern browsers.

This excellent food blogger template can be used by restaurants, cafes, and many other food outlets.

Get this awesome food blogger template from 99steem now!

Foodica blogger template
food blogger template

Magbook blogger template 99steem:

The MagBook blogger template is another excellent multipurpose blogger template. This mag blogger template can be used as news, newspaper blogger template, magazine blogger template, publishing, blog, or review websites.

You can get this fantastic multipurpose blogger template from 99steem at a reasonable price and can launch your blog.

It is a responsive and search engine friendly theme. It comes with multiple sections of the blog to work as a perfect magazine/news site.

Magbook blogger template
newspaper blogger template

Neve TheMotion blogger template 99steem:

Next up is this excellent Neve TheMotion blogger template with some of the most outstanding features. This is a multipurpose blogger template that can be used for multiple purposes.

 It is perfect for vloggers, filmmakers, videographers, outdoor media, and another video blogger template. It has a featured video section where you can highlight your best work and videos. Creating a website is very easy with Neve TheMotion as you have to import the starter site and then customize it with your content. With Neve TheMotion, your blog will look awesome on all screen sizes.

Get this unique template from 99steem and post your videos, photos, or anything else that you want. 

Neve TheMotion blogger template
Vlogger Blogger template

VMagazine Lite blogger template 99steem:

VMagazine blogger template is another multipurpose blogger template present on our website developed by our fantastic website designers.

VMagazine Lite is a multi-layout news magazine blogger template that is perfect for all news, magazine, blog, and editorial websites. This highly responsive Magzine blogger template comes up with 4 demo layouts, 8 in-built widgets, and uncomplicated configuration options. 

The 4 demo layouts – World Mag, Tech Mag, Gaming, and Fashion – can be imported to this website with just one click of a button. So this is one more reason why this theme offers you a fast way to create a news magazine website.

Since the theme is based on page builders, your website creation process will be smooth, and you can even place ads anywhere on your site. In short, this multi-layout news magazine blogger template is a mix of powerful features, secure customization options, and beautiful demo layouts.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us now and get this fantastic blogger template from 99steem now!

VMagazine Lite blogger template
Magazine Blogger template

ArimoLite blogger template 99steem:

Armalite blogger template is another multipurpose blogger template that is liked by our customers. This template comes with some of the great features that you will love.

ArimoLite is a minimal and clean blogger template. This blogger template has a fresh, bright, and classy design to stage your content in structured elegance. Its minimal design works excellently for blogs and also called a minimalist blogger template. ArimoLite has a fully responsive design that makes your blog look great on all viewing devices. This blogger template is also compatible with becoming a great blog.

Get this excellent blogger template from 99steem today and build your blog.

ArimoLite blogger template
Responsive blogger template

Education base blogger template 99steem:

The education-based blogger template is another one from our multipurpose education blogger templates collection on our website.

Education Base is a multipurpose Education blogger template with colorful design and incredible flexibility. Education Base fully compatible for business, corporate, blog, multipage sites or one-page sites. This Education blogger template has various options on the customizer and has a lot of powerful widgets.

As this is a multipurpose Education blogger template, you can use it for your online shop or online course selling. You also can create sites using the widgets and drag and drop page builder. Education Base theme provides a quality code and elegant design with incredible support.

Visit us now to buy this Education blogger template from 99steem.

Education base blogger template
Education Blogger template

Blossom Travel blogger template 99steem:

This travel blogger template is the best blogger template for our fantastic travel bloggers who love to travel worldwide and want to share their experiences with the world.

Blossom Travel is a mobile-friendly responsive blogger template that is a brilliant choice for building a feminine travel blog. You can talk about your travel experiences, post beautiful photos, and make visitors engaged in your blog with this theme.

The theme comes with an elegant combination of colors to give a fantastic design to your travel blog. Also, this travel blogger template has many customization options to give your blog the design you love.

Buy this fantastic blogger template from 99teem today!

Blossom Travel blogger template
Travel Blogger template

Shopper blogger template 99steem:

Shopper blogger template is created for our fantastic eCommerce bloggers, who are earning their living by selling products on online stores.

The Shopper is an eCommerce blogger template. It merely provides a fresh and clean design, easy to use, customizable, and fast designed thinking about users' needs and requests.

It is a fully responsive, translation ready, SEO friendly theme with Structured data integrates for Articles & Products Structured data. This eCommerce blogger template will be a perfect choice for online fashion stores, sports stores, handbags stores, digital shops, men, kids, women stores, cosmetics shops, accessories stores, luxury jewelry, and multipurpose online stores.

Buy this eCommerce blogger template from 99steem today!

Shopper blogger template
Shopper E-commerce Blogger template

Deodar blogger template:

The Deodar blogger template is one of our most amazing multipurpose blogger templates that most of our customers liked.

Deodar is an elegant, beautiful personal blogger template. This theme is perfect for all kinds of personal and professional blogs. Its minimal design and clean typography make it an excellent idea for blogs. Moreover, it allows you to import the demo content, so you don't have to design your blog from scratch. It comes with many useful customization options to help you with the design of your website. 

Additionally, this theme is fully responsive to SEO friendly. So you won't have any problem launching your blog.

Buy this awesome template from 99steem now!

Deodar blogger template
Multipurpose Blogger template

Lavander Lite blogger template 99steem:

A minimal themed multipurpose blogger template available on 99steem for our customers who love minimalist blogger templates.

Lavander Lite is a blogger template built for lifestyle blogs, magazines, and creative websites that seek clean, polished, and minimal design features.

It's an excellent choice for blogs that are content-oriented. The design follows the latest industry trends, making Lavander Theme a great option if you plan to give your readers a smooth content consumption experience.

Lavander Lite blogger template
Minimal blogger template

Cover News blogger Template:

Our responsive bloggers create another excellent news blogger template that can easily be used for other purposes.

A clean and elegant theme for blogs and magazine websites. The fully responsive design of Cover News makes your site look beautiful on all screen sizes. You can use this theme to give a pleasant look to your news, fashion magazine, travel blogging, and vibrant news websites. This theme is easy to use and will help you integrate an online business with your blog easily.

Buy this blogger template from 99steem today and launch your blog today!

Cover News blogger Template
News blogger template

Easy Store blogger template 99steem:

From our collection of awesome blogger templates, here is another one for you. Easy store blogger template an eCommerce blogger template.

The secure store is a wonderfully designed eCommerce theme compatible with your store. The theme has a clean and elegant design, and it is super friendly. It is responsive, translation-ready, SEO friendly, and compatible with popular plugins.

Buy this blogger template from 99steem now!

Easy Store blogger template
E-commerce Blogger template


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