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How to build a hospital App and pharmacy App? | 99steem Apps

How to build a hospital and pharmacy app?

Are you currently operating a hospital or a pharmacy, or even a clinic? Due to COVID-19, you are disturbed and unable to provide your services the way you offered them before?

This article will explain precisely how you can bring your business back and even expand it to new heights. This article describes how a hospital or a pharmacy online with help of the best hospital management apps can operate during this COVID-19 situation.

If you want to run a successful online hospital or a pharmacy, stick until the end of this article, and at the end of this, you will be able to launch your CVS Pharmacy app for your hospital or clinic.

The solution that we will talk about is an Android marketplace application that is available on 99steem for sale. This app is a complete ready-made solution built for hospitals and pharmacies. Using this marketplace application, you will be able to come back to the market and will be able to provide your customers with your services and solutions.

Overview of hospital marketplaces

The hospital marketplace is an entirely native app solution that comes with two different applications. Both applications are built based on the mechanism of how hospitals work.

How do hospitals work?

Note: You can skip this part if you do not want to read how the hospitals work; however, this part explains the process that might help to understand the solution better.

To give you an overview of how this app works, we must recall the process involved in a physical hospital. When you enter and want to get an appointment with the doctor in a hospital, you first have to have a token or pre-registration. After registering, they ask you for your essential information like your full name, phone number, age, and the type of consultation you need.

Then when you go in, you have multiple options to choose from. You can either go to the information desk for more information or go directly to booking an appointment with the doctor through the doctor appointment app or maybe with some other health professional.

So when you get some information from the information desk, they sometimes have pre-written vouchers or information docs that they give you on your inquiry. They can answer your questions and can guide you with the free information that they already know.

If you like to go for a doctor's consultation, you would probably have to book an appointment from the counter. For booking an appointment, you now have to provide some more information about your health sometimes, and they may also ask you for your contact details so they can update you if there is some update from the doctor.

Along with providing all the information that the counter needs for booking the appointment, they will also require you to commit to the appointment payment.

When the appointment is booked, you are given a specific time when you would have to come to the hospital to get your consultation; you can choose this time from the given time frames in which the doctors are available.

After all of that is done, you wait for the day to get him a consultation. And finally, on the day when you have reached the appointment, you visit the doctor. The doctor starts with the necessary information about your health. Some key factors that help them identify the current situation you are in and some other history that you may have had previously.

Then the doctor looks for some symptoms & may ask you for some signs related to your issue. After that, they will conclude the consultancy and will prescribe the medication. For specifying, the medication doctor usually has a notepad that they write the medicine on. Once they are done writing the prescription, they give this paper to you to visit the pharmacy to get you prescribed medication.

Once you are done with the doctor's appointment, you look for the pharmacy inside the hospitals. If a pharmacy is there, you go to the pharmacy app online, show the prescription you have got from the doctor, and ask them for the medication. Along with providing the order, you have to pay a certain amount to get your medicine; after some time, the pharmacist comes with the medicine you requested.

The same appointment process goes for other health professionals, those in the hospital, including the nurses.

Now the main reason for explaining all these things that you already know is that if you look at them very carefully, doing all those steps online will be no different from having those services from the hospital physically.

People are scared because of COVID-19, and they don't want to risk their lives by going out for minor problems; they are holding onto them because they are afraid that if they go to the hospitals, they might get exposed to the more significant risk.

Let's talk about how the hospital marketplace provides all the above solutions that a physical hospital offers & how you can adopt the hospital marketplace solution to bring your business online.

So as we have mentioned above that this Marketplace solution has two different applications; we will start with the help of hospital apps for patients that anybody can use to get a consultation with a doctor or nurse.

As the picture shows above, the user had a few menu options that he could choose from. We will now discuss each of these menu options in detail and understand how this solution can help your business grow.

Doctors appointment OR Hospital Apps For Patients

Hospital App a marketplace for patients & doctors to work together.

When you click on the doctor's appointment menu, it brings you to a different screen where you see other doctors listed. You can also find multiple categories at the top of the screen to choose the kind of doctor you are interested in. You can easily find categories like cardiologist, dentist, & dermatologist at the top.

Doctors List- Choose a doctor from many different doctors

You will notice on the doctor's appointment screen that there is a picture of the doctor listed and his name and the type of consultation that he provides. You will also find the average rating that the doctor has gotten from all the other patients to those he has provided the consultancy. This way, you will be able to identify the right doctor for your needs.

Let's assume you have picked the doctor based on the rating he has got, now you want to see what he provides and his experience; you may also want to see what other patients have said about the doctor. So, you have to click on the doctor's profile or consult button on the right side, as you can see in the picture above.

Book Doctor appointment - Doctor ratings& reviews

When you click that, you will now come to a new screen where you will be able to see the full name, address, and a brief overview of the doctor; this overview mainly includes the doctor's experience and all the other places that he might have worked. It also can help you find the doctor's availability, based on which you can book an appointment. Right under the availability, you will find the consultation fee. This will help you identify how much you will be paying the doctor for consultation. You will also be able to find the doctor's qualification so you understand better how and what the doctor may be able to help you with.

Right under the qualification section, there is this other section called patient reviews; this section holds all the thoughts that this specific doctor has got from other patients. These reviews are given by the people who received successful consultation from the doctor and may help you decide whether you should go to the meeting. Because people share their experience with the doctor, it helps us make the platform better.

Doctor appointment app - book a doctor

After reviewing all the reviews, if the patient is satisfied with the doctor, he can book the consultation. The doctor's appointment booking screen is brief and easy to fill. The first few steps in the process are pre-filled because the app gathered from the user while signing up is pre-written. So in the example image above, you can see that the name and the phone number is automatically displayed on the appointment bookings screen. Next on the list is providing the date and time for this consultation; here, the patient can choose the time and date based on the doctor's availability so that it's convenient for both the parties to reach each other and have a successful consultation.

Afterward, if the patient is different from the person who has signed up, the user can provide the name and age again and a WhatsApp number for video calling. You would have to give a brief overview of the current condition that the patient is facing. It's always best to define altogether issues that the patient is suffering. It will help the doctor prep a little bit and get them the best possible medication based on their health condition.

While the patient provides this information, and the doctor has accepted the request, both patient and doctor can now communicate with each other on the built-in one on one encrypted chat system. That allows the patient to be able to share images and videos as well.

To finalize the steps of booking an appointment with the doctor, the patient has to choose a payment method. After selecting the payment, the patient can pay for the meeting. Once confirmed, the patient should see the appointment history under the menu on the left side.

It was the first step in the menu section of the patient site of application. 

Nurse Appointment Booking

The process is similar for booking a nurse; you have to go through the nurse profile to see the nurse's services and choose the nurses from categories defined in the application. Nurses have an overview of themselves as well, including the consultation fee and availability. Nurse appointment booking also requires some necessary information about the patient and some glimpse of the conditions that the patient is facing. In the end, the patient would have to pay for the consultation before the booking can be confirmed.

Health & Food

The third option on the patient side of this Marketplace solution is the health and food section. This section includes many remedies, daily life food Problems, and solutions that are of great importance. This part of the patient app is entirely free and does not require any payments to access.

This section has multiple categories to choose from; the user can also select different remedies and natural foods to cure certain health conditions; the specialists share these tips and resources for users' benefits. By following these tips and treatments, the users of the application can stay away from the medication. Almost all the different sources of diets are easily accessible in this part of the application.

Under each remedy, people are commenting and discussing how helpful; they have found this remedy to be for them in having a better life. Users can communicate with each other in the comment section and ask the experts questions about the article's tips.

This part of the application can be considered the help center for the critical questions that patients may have.

Online Pharmacy App
This part of the Hospital management system mobile app is the online pharmacy app part that's most crucial in a hospital. Patients can get their medication from the pharmacy. 

Buying medicines from the hospital app is no different from buying the medication from a physical pharmacy, except in online purchasing medicines. Things are more comfortable, and patients have more options for purchasing the items on prescription.

The first way is to search for the medicine needed and continue placing the order by providing the patient's address and other necessary information so that the company can send the medication directly to the patient's doorstep. The second method is more useful for those who don't understand the way perception is written, they can take a picture of the prescription and attach it to the app, and the specialist will recognize the medicine that they need. And they will send the medicine directly to the patient's doorstep.

The patient will notice that things will be a bit easier with the hospital app, especially for those who don't have to wait in line to get the medicine. They don't even have to have physical contact with the hospital staff.

Now it's time to go into the last part of this menu. At the very latest, patients are given news and tips. This section is full of great news and information that might help patients and patients' health.

That was pretty much it on the User side of Hospital App; of course, it has many options like wallet, profile, settings, payment receipts, consultation history, orders & more. However, the functions that might be of more importance are explained above. 

Let's move to the Doctor appointment app for this marketplace solution. Let's see what options the Doctor has and how doctors can provide consultation & prescription to the app. 

As you can see, the screenshot taken from the home screen of a doctor app, the doctor app interface looks very simple & unique. Doctors can see all the appointments they've got on the home screen of the Doctor appointment app, so it's easier to know the tasks at hand. If you look closely, you'll also find that the doctor appointment app shows the time left in the consultation; this makes the doctor's job much more comfortable & it also keeps them in check, so they don't miss any of their appointments. 

Along with the time, doctors can see other necessary details of the patient and the patient's details while booking the appointment. It helps the doctors know who they will be meeting & what sort of assistance they will be looking for. 

Before or during the consultation, if the doctor feels he needs to ask more of some relevant information from the patient, he can do so via end to end encrypted chat messages. This helps in making a smooth conversation between both the parties & lots in a successful consultation. 

The patient can send text messages and upload images & videos, which can be a great tool if you have visible symptoms. Sharing these images & videos makes the process much easier & faster. At the time of consultation, doctors can either call directly to the phone or have a WhatsApp video call, which may help is a better consultation. 

At the end of the consultation, both the doctor & patient are provided with a promo to review their consultation. Both can review each other based on the experience they had. This way, the platform can continuously be updated with feedback for new patients to make better decisions. 

One extra step on the ending of consultation is a must for the doctor to provide the prescription. It's mostly done via a text box given to the doctor at the end of the consultation, and the doctor has to offer all the medication for the patient's ease. Patients will always have a record of this prescribed medicine in history so that they can easily access it at the time of need.

Doctors Account Balance

The doctor's home screen gets updated with a new balance after each successful consultation. This balance shows the total amount of money the doctor has made from all the consultations. This number gets reset after the parent company pays the amount. 

It is worth mentioning that the balance doesn't show the amount the doctor has earned. It shows the amount ( -20% ), which is the companies profit margin for providing the marketplace. 

Doctors Availability

Doctors availability is an essential feature because doctors job is something that doesn't always have a fixed time frame. So doctors may want to set their availability apart from what they've mentioned as the regular availability. To handle the problem, doctors are provided with a simple toggle on the left menu of their app. Using this toggle button, they can set their availability; it will help the app un-list the doctor from the app for a particular time unless it is turned back on. 

Doctors Consultation History

Doctors are given a menu where they can check the prior consultation history of patients; doctors may have to recheck the patient a couple of times, & knowing the medicine that patient was prescribed can help make a better assumption on how the patient should be dealt with. 

Patients' history can easily be checked & monitored in the consultation history tab in the left menu.

Doctors Help Center

There is a dedicated help center where doctors can consult with the company regarding any concerns or issues they might be facing. Sometimes the appointments are delayed by the patient, or there is a chance in prescription required, etc., so doctors can always get a prompt response from the Hospital app team to get things going faster. 

Doctors Signup & Verification

All the doctors interested in joining the Hospital marketplace must undergo a thorough verification process, so the app is built with a very detailed signup process that requires almost all sorts of information from the doctor before they can be enlisted as a professional in the marketplace. This feature is unique & can help the business owner in maintaining a trustworthy market.

A verification process follows the signup; this process is a manual process. The app owner must go through all the provided information to verify all the aspects of the application. Once confirmed, the doctor will be able to login with the provided information & will be ready to start providing consultations.


It's a fabulous marketplace idea & a well though app template. The Hospital app & the Doctor appointment app together serve a physical hospital's purpose & eliminate its need. In COVID-19, this business model can be a game-changer & can help many get the treatment they are looking for.


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