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Lawyers app template, A great android app solution for law firms - 99steem

Lawyers app template

There is no doubt that in today's advanced world that we need our everything, just a click away. We are living in the 21st century where every single thing is on our mobile phones, and we want things to be just this far, and for that, a lot of different android or Ios apps are made for us so that we can look at everything through our screens. Whether it's about contacting people; taking to them on calls or messaging them, everything is present in front of us.

Now, as we talk about the importance of android applications. Android applications are of great importance for every person using mobile phones. It is very beneficial for the businesses too. As a lot of people earn from building android apps. Companies develop their own android apps so that people can interact with them one on one.

Here is another android application from our website that has brought with it so many advantages for you. The app is Lawyers app template for Lawyers and law firms. 

Nowadays, a lawyer app that can provide significant interaction with the lawyers is what we require, and this app is one of the most unique apps. This app has all the features at one place that we have on different platforms. You may find a lot of android apps on the internet, but they won't have all the features that this app has in one place. Sure, you will find an app in which you can book a lawyer or another where you can interact with lawyers. But, our app lawyers' app template has all these fantastic features at one place for you.

We have so many amazing features in this app like; Lawyer's appointments, call or message to the Lawyer, information of the lawyers, reviews of the lawyers, and many many more.

Our Lawyer App fills the astonishing need to keep the lawyers, the firm, and the individual who needs a lawyer in one spot. Lawyers App Solution for Law Firms is intended for lawyers to empower legitimate experts who you can interact virtually with instead of sitting face to face with them. Our application Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms is a complete bundle where the individual who needs legal advice can search for an expert legal advisor on whatever the case he needs, and afterwards, whatever sort of assistance is required is given to the client. It is a stunning application for the Law firms to purchase, too, because it is an entire stage for the lawyers and the lawyer searchers. Dealing with a law office requires a lot of work, but this lawyer's app has made a lot of things easier for them.

Lawyers App Solution for Law Firms is an extraordinary application that has brought the lawyers, clients and law firms at one place. It is an incredible app that we suggest for use in the law offices as it will open the new degree of the board and profitability for the lawyers.

Thus, having a reliable instrument that will empower lawyers to get exact work time estimations quickly is vital while making the application system. This application has billing option too whee the lawyers can update their rates on an hourly base or monthly base.

It highlights dashboards that let lawyers track cases and handle customer stream. It allows the lawyers to keep track of their clients and their legal information at one place while keeping it all secure.  This app is an excellent solution for the law firms so that they can easily keep track of their lawyers and their cases.

Lawyer's app
Lawyer's android app

Features OF APP

Ask a Lawyer

Ask a Lawyer in our Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms helps the individual needing legal guidance, and for that, we have worked in the feature of message and call. This is one of a kind android app where you can talk to your lawyer without meeting them face to face. You can call or message them through the app anytime you want. It is an excellent advantage for people who want to or have to stay in the house, or their Lawyer is in another state or anything like that, they can always contact their Lawyer through this android application any time they want without the need to go out and meet in person.

Discover a Lawyer

There are numerous laws, and there are different types of lawyers  – from natural lawyers to First Amendment lawyers to advanced application lawyers. Regardless of whether you need Public Interest Lawyer to help in a private legal portrayal of a child's guardianship lawyer or a legal separation counsellor, you simply need to search for it, and the legal advisor will be before you. We have different categories in our android application where the lawyers can quickly sign up and put up the type they want to be listed in. The app automatically contains them in the category they mention.


As it is the cutting edge age and everyone is occupied with their work. Nobody has an additional opportunity to look on searching for legal advisors everywhere and on the off chance that you are an individual living in a bustling city and you realize that it is so hard to track down a Lawyer in perfect time so this is an application for you as well. You should simply open the appointments board and make a meeting with your necessary attorney. Making an appointment has been made really easy for you through our fantastic lawyers' appointment android application. All you need to do is open the app and go to the appointments section and select the Lawyer you want to appoint, and he will get the notification of this appointment. The Lawyer can either accept the appointment or reject it.

Questions and answers

Question and answer feature in our Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms enables the individual needing expert guidance from a lawyer. The user can easily communicate with lawyers and talk to them for a specific time, consulting them on the issues they're having, and they will just have to pay for the time of the Lawyer that they have consumed.


Appointments Section

The Appointments area of our application shows various legal advisors you can have a meeting with, and you can call or message the legal counsellors through this application. Afterwards, it likewise indicates the measure of the amount every hour you are charged. This is an excellent way for a virtual meeting if the client cannot meet in person due to any of their personal problem.

Lawyer's Details:

The application contains full data of the lawyer, their email address to their contact number, and where do they work.

It additionally shows the status of the lawyers, which can help fulfil the clients who are required for experts, as it is promised that the private information is kept safe for the people who are afraid of having their personal security breached. Our application contains 100% valid legal advisors whom the individuals can trust with their time and data.

The data about the lawyers will likewise show in what field the lawyer's practices and the client can even discover their preferred lawyer by placing in the search words to look for a lawyer for a particular field of legal advice.

In the Lawyer details in our Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms application, we give the full details of at what time the lawyer is free and when would you be able to book a meeting with the legal counsellor and what will be the charges.

Payment Details

The application Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms additionally contains an instalment option in which the client can pay the Lawyer their due expense through the card, for example, online instalment, and the payment is 100% made sure about as well that it reaches to the lawyer somewhat as there are many ways to pay the lawyers in the app and the payment reaches to their accounts in no time.

Personal data

The profile data segment is for the client who can Sign up on the application and afterwards locate their necessary attorney for explicit purposes. Your data and information are kept safe from all the viewers around the world. The data is contracted to stay safe and your privacy is kept safe.


These days, it appears like applications drive the world as we know it. Even though this can appear to be overpowering, it is a gold mine of chance. Law experts all through the world have different measures of stages accessible to play out any usefulness at the tips of their fingers. By beginning with this short-rundown of the necessary applications each legal advisor ought to have on their gadget, you'll be ready to start your firm and amplify more efficiency than any other time in recent memory. This android application is a great way for clients who require legal advice to stay connected to lawyers from all over the world.

This diagram has been designed to ease the problems of our clients and make the lives of our customers really easy. This android application can make a lot of things easier for our law firms and lawyers.

Get this fantastic lawyer's android app template from 99steem and launch your own lawyer's android app and let the lawyers and the clients meet at one platform.


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