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Top 20 XD Graphics Templates you don't want to miss in 2021

Top 20 XD Graphics Templates you don't want to miss in 2020
Are you looking for some of the great XD templates for your professional and casual use? Have you searched all over the internet for the best Xd templates that are great to use and fulfill your requirements? 
In this article, we will share some of the best XD templates present on 99steem for you. 
There are a lot of Best XD templates of different categories available on our website 99steem for our great customers.
Feel free to check out our fantastic XD templates.

Are you great at insulting others, but you don't have an excellent platform for that? Or you have a great sense of humor, but people around you get offended by your insults? 
Do you have a great idea of a platform on which you can post insults and have battles with people worldwide?

99steem has a great insult battle platform for you to interact with players and throw insults at them.
This all starts with a signup option, where you sign up as a contestant. To signup, you can quickly start with your email address and a password. After that, you get a chat screen. The chat screen is the main area where you will see two teams and people having insult battles thrown at each other. 

You can quickly join any of the battles you like or start a new one and let the people join your struggle to interact with the users by throwing fighting at each other. 

This platform is excellent and free to use for our fantastic users who love to through insults at others and not get offended.

Visit our website 99steem today and get this unique XD template and launch a great Platform to battle with insults for people around you.

Fashion e-commerce Hompage is a great XD template for our fantastic fashion designers who want to open a fantastic online store to sell the best clothes, accessories, and many more. 

Our fashion eCommerce homepage serves as an excellent template for you to set up a great homepage of your own quickly. You can easily use this template for posting your products in different categories. The page lets you write about the "about us" portion to tell your own story of how you came into being.

The page has many other features for you to explore and use freely without any constraints. Visit us on 99steem today and build an excellent fashion eCommerce store with us.

Are you a great dessert chef and want to start an online business where you sell your desserts and earn revenue?

We have an excellent template for you on 99steem that you can't miss. The online cookies store concept is a great cookie store template for you to post your yummiest desserts and sell this heavenly goodness. All you have to do is visit our website 99steem and buy this fantastic template at a very reasonable price and start your own cookie store with a great layout and a beautiful concept.

We have great news for our fantastic food bloggers. For our great food bloggers of the world, we have a great blog XD template with the best features.

The features include a great font that you can change at any time you want, free images of food, and many more things for you to use for free. 

Food bloggers from all over the world can use our XD template and build a great food blog website to attract viewers and earn a significant amount of money.

Food bloggers can efficiently work on this template as we provide XD template files with every purchase, so you can easily make changes in your file in whatever way you want and can use it freely anywhere you want.

Here is another fashion eCommerce XD template for you to use to make your fashion store and sell your amazing products online.

This XD template comes with three desktop pages, and you can use them efficiently to launch a great store of your own.

Use this fantastic Fashion template from our website 99steem and launch a great e-commerce store of your own. 

Not just a food blogging XD template, we have best XD templates for the food ordering platform. Just like any other food ordering website this food ordering website is a great template for you to launch your own website or an app. 

You can freely use this XD template and launch a great app or a website where people can visit and order food from different platforms in your region.

Get this amazing food ordering template from 99steem today to enjoy this amazing template.

Hi, book lovers!! We have the best XD templates for you to read the best books from your amazing favorite authors all over the world. 

Books web app XD template is an excellent platform for the users to paste the pdfs or any other book template and let the users read them for free.

Get this great XD template from 99steem and have fun reading books.

Plants website XD the template is a great animation that will remind the user about the importance of the plants and how they need to take care of them.

This template can use for multiple purposes. Be it for launching a plant's website where you sell house plants, or it can be used to make a great website where you can write about many plants and what their advantages are.

Are you looking for an excellent portfolio for our amazing photographers? We have it here for you.

99steem has a fantastic photography portfolio XD template where they can post pictures taken by them and let the world know what a tremendous photographer they are.
It comes with some of the categories too, where you can post your pictures, whether it's wedding photography or sight photography. 

You can also sell your photographs using this incredible template and earn money. Feel free to use this photography portfolio template anywhere you want.

Hey, Marvel fans!! We have here a great Marvel Groot XD template for you.

This amazing Marvel Groot xd template, which you can easily use to post movies for your users to watch or sell products related to the marvel series to the crazy Marvel fans.

Feel free to use our amazing Marvel Groot template and use it to launch great ideas. 

Not only for Photographers, but we also have this amazing Graphic designer portfolio template where our amazing graphic designers can post their designs and reviews of their clients to look at their work and easily hire them.

So graphic designers, we have this excellent opportunity for you to make a great impression on your clients by using this portfolio template.

Here is another one of the best XD Templates of online cookies store concept for our users to quickly post about different kinds of desserts and sell them online and earn money.

Visit us on 99steem today and buy this fantastic cookie online XD template and launch your own cookies website.

Night Club is one of the best XD templates, a website template present on 99steem, which is a Night club themed music player XD template. You can quickly post memorable songs using this template and let your users enjoy great music.

Cinema website XD template is here to provide the best online cinema experience. Using this great template, you can quickly post a thousand movies for your users, and they can easily watch those movies online and have a great experience.  

Visit 99steem today and buy this fantastic cinema XD template from us and launch a tremendous website where people can watch movies for free.

Auction dashboard template is just like any other auction website where you can put up your products to auction them, and people can buy your products in an auction. This template has a great layout and is easy to use for our amazing customers.

The chatbot is a great concept where you can easily talk to an assistant and enjoy your free time just like Siri or google assistant. A chatbot is one of the amazing XD templates based on machine learning. 

You can get this amazing chatbot xd template from 99steem today and alter it to your own will and make an excellent chatbot for your customers.

Not only food delivery XD templates, but we also have a great food delivery dashboard for people in the food delivery business to easily record their deliveries daily and how much revenue they have earned from the business.

Visit us today to buy this amazing XD template from 99steem and enjoy this great app.

Hotel Adobe XD website template is one of the best XD templates that are used by the hotel owners. This template can be used for multiple purposes, like posting pictures of the hotel for publicity or online booking of rooms, and many more.

Get this XD template from 99steem and launch your website today.

Here is another portfolio template for you on 99steem. This animated template will let you post animations of your work so that the users can watch your job and hire you.

Feel free to use this fantastic XD template from 99steem now.

Portfolio XD templates

Here we have a great 404 XD templates for you on 99steem that you can use for your website, and people will easily view your page.

Get this from 99steem now.

404 XD template


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