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How to build a Successful Graphic design business?

When we talk about the information technology industry as a whole, the most creative people in this industry are graphic design professionals. No matter if a business is small, medium, or large or even a Startup, a designer is the one who lays the foundation of a business. The job is pretty hard but at the right same time is also exciting, the designs that a graphic designer makes becomes the forefront of a business. But as being a graphic designer, you may have found a lot of hurdles while reaching more clients. Selling your graphics must have always been a tough job because a designer ever wants to put more effort into designs and less effort into worrying about where to find customers for selling those designs.

o solve this problem, we will discuss different types of assets a graphic designer makes, and how they can start getting sales on those graphic assets.

Graphic Design & Types of Graphics Assets

From the beginning of this century, the IT industry has grown massively, and graphic design business cards have become a very high demand. People who are designing the graphics are now called graphic designers. Almost all the industries online or offline require a design for their business brand for personal use. The field of graphic designing is quite huge, which is why it's been divided into many subcategories. Graphic designers are focusing on the setup of their own graphic design company. For starting a graphic design business there are a lot of things that need to focus on. But nowadays starting a graphic design firm is an easy job, you just need to do your work, start making graphic design templates, and sell them at different marketplaces like 99steem. Graphic designers are now focusing on subcategories depending on their passion & skill sets.

Here are some of the graphic design categories that are pretty popular among online businesses, and that is something we will discuss today in this article. At the end of this article, we will try to help the graphic designers make these digital assets to sell their assets quicker, and we will also share how to obtain more value for the assets they sell.

  • Logo Designer

  • Banner Designer

  • Poster / Flyer designer

  • Illustrations designer

  • Character Designer

  • 3D Designers

  • Website Designer UI/ UX

  • Mobile App Designer UI/UX

How to Sell your designs on 99steem?

Now let's talk about the graphic designs that you can sell on 99steem and the right way to sell the designs.

99steem has many different categories that a designer can post their designs in; most of these categories cover all the different graphic design fields. The following are some of the categories available on 99steem for you to sell your products in.

Here's how you can start selling on

Sign Up on 99Steem

You can visit 99steem seller page to read the guidelines & benefits you will be getting as a seller. To start the sign-up process, click the "Become a Seller Now" button.

Complete Registration

For getting started you will need to provide some necessary information for account signup. Make sure to verify your email & phone number.

Seller Profile Creation

Once you are signed up you'll be brought to the profile Info page where you'll need to provide some info to help us make you a stunning Seller profile.

Let's Post an Item

You are now all set up & your items are ready to be published. Start publishing your items from Manage Items.


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