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Top 10 Unique Android App Templates of 2021

Top 10 Android App templates in 2020
 Top 10 Android App templates available on 99steem

With the growing demand for High-quality Mobile Apps in the market, agencies & startups are always looking for solutions that can save time & means.

In this article, you'll get to know about some of the very high-quality Android App Templates that can help you speed up your Android project & can eliminate your competition. 

Best Selling Android App Templates on 99steem in 2020

From Dozens of Android App templates available on 99steem we've shortlisted only ten best of the best Android App templates for your use in your next Android project. These apps will surely boost your productivity & will help bring a great Android app to the market. 

Android App templates available on 99steem, the best android templates of 2020.

Above are the Android App templates made by one of our top selling users on 99steem. These are the best Android apps used 100's of times by freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, businesses & corporations. Best Android App templates available on 99steem comes with detailed features & visuals to help you decide the best product for your needs. After purchase, you're provided with complete step by step documentation to get you started immediately. 

List of Top 10 Android App Templates in 2020

The list below is of the Top Selling & Trending Android App Templates from a verified seller, and these are the best apps for android already trusted by 100's of buyers on 99steem.

Top-Rated Android App Templates

We'll now go in a little depth about these Best App Templates and the features & possibilities you may have with each one of them. Our list comprises the top 10 Popular android app templates from Ride Sharing apps to Hospital Marketplace further. For further details, please continue reading.

1- Cabon - Uber clone app template and app script for your taxi app idea

Uber Clone app template helps you build your own ride sharing business easily.

Uber has motivated many entrepreneurs to step into similar sorts of businesses; hence we've seen a massive spike in ride-sharing apps demand. With the Cabon android app template, you can readily make an uber clone app. The uber clone app development has never been this fast; with the help of the cabon uber clone script, you can instantly get your ride-sharing business up & running. The app comes with excellent source code along with clear documentation to make your journey towards the Uber clone app business easier & faster.

2- Pharmacy and Doctor Appointment App both Doctor and Patient Apps

Pharmacy and Doctor Appointment App both Doctor and Patient Apps

Marketplace ideas are evolving in almost all industries, & the medical industry is no exception. Hospital Marketplace or Healthcare App is unique and probably the only Android app template that has too much to offer. Clinical Communication App or Pharmacy App template provides features like booking an appointment with a doctor through the hospital app for patients, booking a meeting with the nurse & the ability for patients to order medicines as prescribed by the doctors. On the other hand, the doctor app physician allows doctors to be notified of new appointments; doctors can consult with the patients through one on one messaging & a phone call. At the end of this consultation, both doctor and patient can rate each other; the doctor gets an option to prescribe medication for the patient.

In other words, it's an Online Hospital Management system mobile app that can eliminate a patient's need to visit the Hospital in person. This Android App template can be used by existing hospitals & clinics to broaden their business & services with virtual hospital apps. It's a package of two apps & they come with detailed documentation to help buyers understand the app better. Visit the 99steem for further information on the online Pharmacy app template.

3- Handy Marketplace a Services Marketplace App Template

Handy man Marketplace  to buy and sell service for service providers and service seekers

Handy Marketplace is a brilliant yet unique idea for a handy business; it's a handy app template that allows users to sell their services. This Android app template can also be called the " Uber for Service. " It's a unique model practiced in countries like the US & Canada and has significant potential. Handy Marketplace app template has two sides, 1st one is the Service seeker side that can be used by service seekers to book services in town. This app has many features like custom services, Cash & card payments, job updates & more. 2nd app is the Service provider app & the handy home services providers use this app to get job notifications & to communicate with the Service seeker. This solution also comes with clear instructions on deploying the source code to make the process as easy as possible for you.

4- All in One E-commerce App Template For all Sorts of E-commerce needs

Ecommerce mobile app template for using for eCommerce stores & businesses

These days, it's essential to have mobile apps for e-commerce stores; with a growing e-commerce market & 70% of shopping happening online, it's the perfect time to have Shopping applications for Android for your eCommerce business. The eCommerce App template android comes with many great features that aren't are readily available elsewhere. The most beneficial element of this eCommerce App template is that it's adaptable for any business. No matter if you are looking to run a liquor store or looking to sell men's wear or even software solutions, this e-commerce app template can adapt to any of those stores and hence can be very beneficial for businesses. As for our other app templates, we make sure that each submitted template comes with detailed documentation to succeed with your idea.

5- Trench Block News App Template for Android

News app template to use for your news business or media outlet.

Trench Times is an excellent Android App News template; It's highly sophisticated best UI for android makes this News Android app template unbeatable, which is why it has got a lot of popularity on 99steem.

It's a complete Android App script that allows you to expand your News or Media website to new heights with a ready-made solution that's a few steps away from being branded as yours. 

The Admin panel of this News app template allows the admin to add as many categories as he please in the app; the admin can post all sorts of news in each category.

News App template comes with source code for Android studio and a detailed guide to ensure you can get going without a problem.

6- Booking App a Clone of

Booking App a complete clone of is one of those successful businesses that are pioneers in the tourism industry. With millions of possibilities, from booking a hotel to ask the community regarding your next trip, everything is fabulous about this app, which is why it's darling to millions of travelers.

Booking App template for android is a fantastic clone that allows a kickstart for entrepreneurs and startups looking to run similar business models. Booking app will enable users to list properties of all manner to the platform & would allow users to make money off it. This Android app template also comes with two sides, the 1st one is the user side that will enable users to browse between properties around the world. And the ability to book a residence & to communicate with the residence owner. 

On the other hand, it offers a flexible solution for property owners to list their properties and manage them from the app. A clean and user-friendly interface makes it a preferred choice for 100's of startups launching similar businesses. 

The Android app comes with excellent documentation and helpful material for you to kickstart your project right away. 

7- Classroom App Template for Educators & Students

Classroom App Template for Educators & Students

The world is changing, and along with every field of life, the education industry is rapidly evolving in more advanced studies. The technology which is in use to educate is also adopting the chance. 

Classroom Android App template solution comes with some exciting features, such as posting an online course and allowing students to apply to those courses from mobile apps, apart from sending bulk push notifications to the students right before the class is about to start. 

The classroom app comes with an Admin app and an android app that allows medium to large classrooms and teachers to organize via the app. 

The app is fully documented and provides clear guidance to set up, re-brand, and use this app template almost instantly.

8- Classified Ads App a powerful Ads Mobile app template

Classified Ads app a powerful Ads Mobile app template

Classified ad platforms are making millions of dollars in revenue by connecting buyers with sellers. And this industry is vast; there are 10's different types of classified ads platforms out there.

It is very much possible that you might also have a tremendous classified ads app idea; with the Classified ads android app template, you can start a classified ads business almost instantly. 

To run your classified ad marketplace for users to be able to buy and sell stuff you can use a classified ad template by 99steem that can help to auction their items. All of those fantastic features that can cost you a massive amount of money if you build it from scratch are now accessible with this Classified ads template, this android app template available on 99steem.

9- Lawyer App Solution to run Lawyer Consultation Service Online

Lawyer app templates for law firms to use for online consultations.

Law firms are snowballing, and with rapid growth, solutions also are required to expand and advance the business. With the Lawyer app solution, you can convert your traditional law firm into an online law agency. The lawyer app offers a wide range of solutions to its users, with the ability to make a lawyer profile on the app along with hourly rates and the ability to book the services online. It can help speed up the process for lawyers and clients.

Having a one-on-one text chat and a call can equate both parties and result in a successful consultation. Many law firms have used this Android App template & have found it very helpful for their business. There is much feedback on this Android app template that will help you decide whether you should use this Lawyer app template or not.

Additionally, there are clear guides, videos, promos, and live demos of the application to be successful with this app solution.

10- Crowd Fund Platform Android App Solution

Plant a Tree a Crowd Fund Platform Solution for planting trees & trees crowdfund

Planting trees can keep the atmosphere young, so many enthusiasts try their best to plant as many trees as they can & they also educate others on doing so. 

Many big humanitarian organizations also do crowdfund, where people donate a lot of money for planting trees. Plant a Tree crowd fundapp template can help to advance the process of crowdfunding for trees. Users can sign up and start donating with their credit or debit cards. People who have invested in the apps come to the bottom of the app to motivate new contributors. 

It is a unique app using a stripe payment gateway to receive payments; this app template can be used by almost anybody who wants to do something about the weather. As with our other apps, this fundapp also comes with detailed documentation to help the buyer have fewer efforts to set things up.

Get Free Android App Templates

From time to time, 99steem sends promotions for Android mobile app templates; with that promotional code, you can get a chance to get the android app template for free, but please note free android app templates aren't of much use and mostly come in the best UI for android only. If you want the apps' best features, you should buy the full android app templates that aren't free.

How to get Android App Templates free?

If you're interested in receiving promotional codes to get discounts and free android app templates, please don't forget to sign up on our website 99steem to start receiving emails from us. 

What is an Android app template?

Android app template is a source code written in Android studio or other related programs to build a mobile application that performs certain functions. This application can be written in Java or Kotlin and could be of any nature. You can create a mobile app within a few days using an Android app template. The term Android app template is ubiquitous for Android developers, freelancers, and startups. All of them use Android models to build mobile apps and increase their productivity while coding a new mobile application.

Does Android Templates Worth a Try?

Industries leading developers believe that using an Android or any mobile app template can increase productivity by almost 70%. Not all Android App Solutions are advanced, and some may not have all the features you're looking for, but still, when we talk about making a mobile application, starting from scratch is always a problem. You have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to design a mobile app and then develop it.

The best advantage of using an Android app template is that you can skip all the steps required in any Android app project and focus on your most essential features.

Research we conducted at 99steem with the 50 industries leading Android developers has shown that working on an Android template is more productive than working with the best UI design of an Android app.

What kind of Android Templates can we get?

The Android app templates market is still pretty new. The concept of making an Android template wasn't there for very long. Developers focused more on web templates and web UI designs, especially people working with WordPress templates and HTML templates. The demand for those temples was very high so that developers could make enough profits in that industry.

Because of advancements in E-Commerce and other web technologies, anybody can create a website; hence the demand for a web template isn't that much as it used to be. We have seen a massive spike in the Android app templates in the last two years.

More and more Agencies and Developers are now focusing more on building Android app solutions & Android app templates. Since there is an increased number of Android app templates in the market now, we can see many different ideas emerging every day. You can find Android app templates for almost all the industries, from ride-sharing Android apps to booking solutions and crowdfunding solutions to many other festivals and events applications. The market is emerging every day for all sorts of needs, and the educational app templates are no exception. 99steem has tens of various categories of Android UI templates available on the website that you can visit and explore to get to the right template


We hope you find this list of Top 10 Android App templates useful. We encourage you to get in touch with the developer of the app template before buying any of the themes on 99steem; they can help clear out your questions and assist you in building the best product for your business.

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