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Top five Android templates you don't wanna miss in 2021

Top five Android templates you don't wanna miss in 2020

As the world is going very fast nowadays, everything is happening while sitting at home through the internet. So we require some medium to connect to different sources that we need, and for that, some applications are being built to help us out. The android apps are an excellent source to learn what is going on in the world around you with just a click.

Let me introduce you to some significant advantages of the android world. It costs less. As more and more people are shifting towards Android, it is gaining more and more popularity. It is an open-source platform, as are our apps, so that you can easily adjust them however you require, and it can be done by even a person who knows the basics of programming. And it is the easiest to adopt a platform.

Our apps are some of the best android apps that will help you out with setting up your business. We have developed some unique features that will be very helpful for a lot of people.
If you are an entrepreneur and already know what kind of app you want to run your business, here are some amazing options for you.

Social-social media app

Here is our first best android app that you will find truly unique. Social, as the name suggests, is a social media platform similar to Instagram and Twitter. It allows you to create your social media app. Like both of these apps, you can post pictures by signing up on this app, or you can share your thoughts with people worldwide. This Social android app helps you connect with people all around the world. Social is a stunning application created to offer all the vibe and extravagance of online networking applications to its clients at first.
With lots of amazing features, this application has a lot to offer to its users, sharing their thoughts or pictures, or telling the world where they are present, and many more.
The main features of this application are that it is supported by the AWS database, which guarantees the security of application information. This application accompanies significant level encryption, which is hard to sneak into. The backend of this android app is based on the AWS database, and too, as it is a versatile application, it can be used for many purposes.
The application is approved by Google Playstore, too, so you will not have any problem with that too. The application also allows users to comment, share, and like other people's posts.
One of the best features that makes it different from all other social applications is that the users can leave voice messages and comments on other people's posts. Any other android social media applications have not used this amazing feature.
Social is also offering another amazing feature of video post-compression. This feature is amazing for users with limited data as they can post content as per their capacity. Users will get an opportunity to choose the quality of the video they want to post. Users can also create different groups if they want to interact with only specific people. While other users can easily join and leave the groups as they will.
With all these amazing features, our social media application-Social has a lot more to offer to its users at a very less cost. Feel free to contact us to buy our amazing Android app template.

Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms

As we all know, it is very hard to get a lawyer's appointment now; even if we are successful in getting that, the meeting takes days and days to work. Our Lawyer App template for Law Firm is the answer to all your troubles. This app is an excellent solution for both the clients and the Attorneys.
This android app template serves an excellent purpose for the Lawyers, the Law Firms, and the clients. Through this Android app template, the Law firms can quickly put up their lawyers' data, and the clients can contact the lawyers with ease through the feature "contact the lawyer." Using this feature, the clients can easily talk with their required Lawyers via message or call and then pay their charges; however, they have set it. This feature will help the clients as they would not have to wait for days to consult a lawyer, and the Lawyer will get easy money.
The other features include "ask a lawyer." This feature is also helpful to the clients because they can easily ask any question from a particular lawyer and get their answer through this feature.
There are many laws, and there are lawyers who specialize in about anything you can think of – from environmental attorneys to First Amendment lawyers to digital application attorneys. Whether you need Public Interest Lawyer to help in private legal representation or a children's custody lawyer, or a divorce lawyer, you just have to look for it, and the Lawyer will be in front of you.
The Lawyers using the lawyer app can quickly put up their schedule so that the clients can know when they can book an appointment for themselves. Booking an appointment is also made easy through our Lawyer's application.
The users can quickly check the lawyers' profiles to know the specialties of a particular lawyer before actually contacting them. In the Lawyer details section in our Lawyer App template for Law Firms app, we give the full details of what time the Lawyer is free and when you can book an appointment with the Lawyer and the charges. This Lawyer App template for Law Firms also contains a payment details icon in which the user can pay the Lawyer their due fee through card, i.e., online payment, and the price is 100% secured.

Booking app - Hotel Booking app Solution

Another one of our amazing apps is this Booking app. Our booking app is a fantastic android app that can be used by people from the tourism industry.
The purpose of our application is to provide the tourism industry looking for an application that can be used for multiple kinds of purposes. Our Booking app for Android comes with a lot of different features.
The hotel managers can put up their hotels to look for different accommodations while traveling to other places. The resort owners can also use this app to put up their resorts for people who will visit their particular area not to have any problem looking for a place.
Users can also follow other users on this application. Even more, they can like their favorite properties for further references. Following others or liking the contents they are interested in can quickly help them to see what others are doing or what is happening with the property they are also interested in.
This fantastic Android app template can be a useful option because it is easier to use the admin panel. It comes up with an exact code that is correctly easier for the buyers to understand and customize as per their needs. This script is pretty decent and comes with exceptional customer support services. Even more, this booking app comes up with a fantastic range of features that can make it perfect to opt for anyone. This more straightforward script is most straightforward for the business organizations to customize according to their business requirements in the best possible way.
This android app will help the users manage their home screen beaches, hotels, articles, and various other things with the help of a web-based admin panel. This admin panel will make it simple to manage the entire stuff available on this application in a more effective way—push notifications for every function of this application to notify the users. Users will get messages for follows and likes. Push notifications can make it easier for users to stay updated about what is happening on the application in the best possible way.
This Android app can easily be used to make reservations at the hotels for rooms and hotels easier. Users can easily book their favorite property without going elsewhere. However, they can pay for the property when the guests arrive.
This application's code is straightforward and can be easily manipulated to adjust to the owner's critical needs. You can also use filters to find specifically what you are here in a more fantastic way. When it comes to the Booking App, then there are a lot more here to see.

Ecommerce App Templates

The third amazing android app from our store is the Ecommerce App template, as we know that an eCommerce app helps with online shopping for different items. It is beneficial for the vendor and the buyer, just like some known eCommerce app stores like eBay. Amazon, Wish, H & M, and daraz, too, our android app serves a great purpose.
Ecommerce apps are becoming more and more like a lifestyle choice. People find it much easier to shop online than go to brick and mortar stores. And even those who go to stores use mobile apps for reviews and price comparison. So to say that eCommerce apps are everywhere is true.
Our eCommerce and Android app template comes with many features, like; Easy login & registration by simplifying registration forms, allowing customers to use their email address as the login, or with an individual passcode. Easier access translates into a higher conversion rate and sales volume.
As the application offers a wide range of products, a feature implements functional sorting and filtering options. By a reduced number of steps, a customer can easily find the product they need, increasing sales and delivering a positive user experience.
Every customer who wishes to get something from our app but doesn't get a favorable payment option will leave the app altogether. Hence, users will have multiple options to pay. Payment is something most users are skeptical about since it involves personal details and bank account details. Some payment options are net banking, credit card, and debit card payments. Users also can pay through PayPal or Paytm wallet.
Our app has excellent navigation, and the customers can easily see where a certain product is coming from and where the product or the store is situated. The application serves a lot of filters that will be very helpful to the customers looking to buy a certain product. The customer would have to do fewer clicks and will easily reach the outcome they require.
The vendors will also be able to easily post their items on the store, which will help them sell their items.
With powerful Admin Panel can manage the order, create category and product menu, and configurations such as currency, tax, user, etc. from the admin panel on the web. You can add, update, update, or change that product menu, category, tax, currency, and change admin password by generating a password, etc. This application was created by Android for the client-side and then PHP MySQL for the Admin side. Using this Android app, you can save your money and time in creating eCommerce App or online shop applications. You'll also be able to create categories and product menus and manage orders effectively.

Plant a Tree - Crowd FundApp Platform Solution

If you want to run your crowd fundapp, then this Plant a Tree android app template can help you build a suitable application. This app template can be used to crowd fundapp for one or more campaigns to collect funds so that the users can raise money to make this earth greener. This is an amazingly equipped solution packed with an amazing range of features and can help the admin of this application manage everything on this application in the best possible way.
Secure transactions, when it comes to payment options, then it is always necessary to pay more attention to ensure a secure transaction in the best possible. We understand the need and importance of secure transactions; therefore, we have used Stripe as a payment gateway to make sure things go well in the best possible way.
To help you and your users monitor and manage their campaigns, the Plant a Tree android app has a highly functional admin dashboard. Through this panel, you can see easy to understand visual representations of the campaigns.

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